Pater Noster

2008: An intense ten-minute sonic experience in total darkness for one audience member - part of the Auricula Series.


2006: Following a map round Edinburgh's nooks and crannies as you listen on headphones, Reekie explores the philosophy of travel - part of the Auricula Series.


2005: An intimate, maxi-sensory audio tour at the National Review of Live Art - part of the Auricula Series.

In the Shade

2005: A saucy night of soul, sequins and skulduggery with LaToya Levine, 'The Toast Of Queens' - part 3 of The Corbicula Cycle.

Through the Night

2004: An eccentric and energetic pastiche of celebrity culture that is like Cinderella rewritten by the Dalai Lama - part 2 of The Corbicula Cycle.

On the Edge

2001: A theatre piece that takes the rulebook of the murder-mystery and stuffs it up Hercule Poirot's arse - part 1 of The Corbicula Cycle.


1997: Five queer academics claim to offer a final definition of gay identity, but their thin veneer of respectability soon begins to crack.


1996: A group of eccentric characters are meandering through the streets of London and each carries flowers - a dozen red roses, a bridal bouquet, a funeral wreath.

People's Parties

1996: Part-performance, part-party where one can choose a persona to put on like a suit; the problem is there aren't many suits in the wardrobe.

Remember Me

1996: A techno soundtrack powers three cabaret players through a world where they have only the slightest grasp on what they're doing and where anything could happen.